Web Toolbar by Wibiya


Clipart package combines over 200 high quality, detailed, easy to use and attractive cliparts. Each clipart is optimized for 1024×768 pixels in size presentations and for Pages documents or iWeb templates of any size. They’re also compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint and Word. Clipart collection will make your presentation, website or document attractive and give it a good mood. The background of all images is transparent and can be used on any colored background. Within Apple’s Keynote, iWeb and Pages, these cliparts can be changed in size, rotated, increased or decreased in opacity, fitted with shadows or even overlapped with one another to create extra effects.


When you buy our clipart, you get support for life…Click here to contact us. Cliparts can be used within Apple’s Keynote, iWeb, Pages or Microsoft PowerPoint and Word. Cliparts includes 181 images (listed below). Click on any of them to preview it. Bundle price $24.99


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