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My Portrait

iPresentee presents My Portrait service. Order Your own portrait and make an ordinary web site, Pages document, Keynote presentation much more personal and cheerful. Furthermore Your Mac’s desktop can become more individual and joyful with your own folder icons or You can make a Mac computer lively even at the login window. In addition each company can order portraits of their employees and represent team to customers in more attractive way.
Send us your photo and we will make a portrait. You are only one step from having an outstanding and entertaining portrait of Yours. Portraits are made using vector technology and made with precision. My Portraits are depicted by professional artist therefore each portrait is individual and unique.

How it works:

  1. Order My Portrait service. You will receive all details about the further steps via e-mail after you will place an order.
  2. Send us your Photo to
  3. During 2 days you will receive Your portrait images (two different file formats: .png and .tif) and icon.

Only for $69.99 You will get your own portrait. Order two portraits and the third one You will get for free.

My Portrait can be used as:

  1. Folder or application icon;
  2. Login picture;
  3. Image for iWeb, Keynote, Pages, Numbers, Powerpoint, Word, etc.
  4. Picture or icon on Internet forums and communities (avatar).