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Keynote Themes Support

Please note:

Keynote Themes and Keynote Motion Themes requires Macintosh computer running Mac OS X with iWork ’08 or iWork ‘09 installed.

Instructions for starting iPresentee Keynote Themes and Keynote Motion Themes:

1. After you downloaded purchased themes, extract downloaded file;
2. Open extracted dmg file;
3. Read carefully "Read Me" file and follow instructions;

About Themes and Master Slides

When you first open Keynote, the Theme Chooser displays the built-in themes you can use. Each Keynote theme comprises a family of master slides with coordinated design elements. Master slides are templates that provide predesigned layouts, fonts, textures, chart properties, background colors, and more. When you want to create a slide with particular elements—such as a title, a block of text, a bulleted list, or a graphic—you select the master slide that most resembles what you need. Master slides contain placeholders, which you replace with your own content. Placeholder text (“Double-click to edit”) shows what your text will look like. Double click this text and type your own. Drag your own image or movie to the placeholder. Although you can drag media files anywhere on a slide (not only to a placeholder), using media placeholders automatically sizes and positions the image or movie. You can also add your own elements, such as tables and other objects, to any slide.

When saving your presentation it is important to check "Copy theme images into document" and "Copy audio and movies into document" (usually it is a default selection in save menu) otherwise your presentation will miss files

To get any other or after-purchase support information e-mail us at